My Record Store Day 2016 @ Banquet Records



Record Store Day is a vinyl lovers dream. I actually see it as being Birthday and Christmas rolled into one. Well Record Store Day sees alot of different artists contribute by releasing limited edition vinyl, some of which are getting pressed onto wax for the first ever time.

Now this was my 7th Record Store Day. Back in 2009 I attended Rough Trade East mainly because of the live performances. I actually wasn’t into it as much compared to now. If you have ever been to Rough Trade East you would know that all the releases are scattered around the store plus the time the doors open they just let in everybody.

2010 was the year Blur released Fools Day which was the sought after vinyl, I then chose to go all the way to Kingston in hope of picking up that record. Given the fact it was only a bus ride makes Banquet Records my local. I wasn’t the first there but I was one of the 20 people who could purchase that record. In 2010 Banquet actually had the vinyls in tiers mainly to stop the flippers from putting them on eBay at insane prices.

Since 2010 I’ve gone to Banquet each year successfully purchasing what I had planned to buy. The thing I like is the fact they limit the amount of people who go through the doors which makes it less stressful getting the records you desire. If you really want something you have to put in the time and earn that album/ 7″. Each year I’ve attended the early hours of the morning. For some Record Store Days I’ve been first in line. The whole queuing experience is enjoyable but the time to get in line gets earlier each year.

March 2016 came, the releases were announced causing myself to write up a wish list of what I wanted to buy. It is a great shame that some vinyl were only released in America take Chvrches or Wolf Alice for example. But that is what I like about Banquet they also stock records from the USA RSD list. Anyhow once I had everything I listed desired it was then a wait till Banquet received them giving me an idea of how much each vinyl would be. I did have a vague idea as Pie & Vinyl released there pricing structure.

15th April 2016 came and I arrived at Banquet Records at 11.55am, looking back at it that time was completely crazy but at least I was not the first there. The first two in the queue I knew from previous Record Store Days and they arrived around 11am. The next person after myself arrived at 3.30pm and it was rather fitting that we were the first there given the fact we all knew one another. Arriving early gave me a vague idea when to queue for future Record Store Days, by 5.30pm which was the same time I arrived the prior year only 6 people were in the queue. We then came to the idea that this may be down to the fact it was actually raining which was a first because in the past 6 years it has always stayed dry.

What I like about this day is the fact it’s a yearly catch up with friends you have made the previous Record Store Days. To make time go by you chat about music and the records that you wish to purchase (NOTE: Always make a list of what you want to purchase and print in advance because otherwise you may forget to pick something up). The rest of my Friday mainly involved chatting, going into Banquet to browse through the records and sheltering from the rain. Come 12 I tried to get some sleep using the blanket I packed to keep me warm. Surprisingly I had 4 hours sleep on and off. Also it was nice that the whole Banquet triggering their own burglar alarm was dealt with swiftly. Also I must mention the fact when Banquet tweeted the picture of the first four in the queue someone replied saying that obviously we were Ebay flippers then Banquet tweeted back saying we weren’t. Lets say that guys tweet didn’t go down to well as why would we queue for 20 hours to only sell the records we purchased.

5am came and that is when a few of us went to Mcdonalds for breakfast and to get some warmth. When that moment comes you know that you are nearly there. Fast forward to 8am, Banquet Records finally opened its doors just as we were all doing The Final Countdown. Anyhow when the doors did opened everyone started to trickle in. As expected they were limiting the amount people entering which is always nice because it’s not that much of a rush to pick up the LPs you would like to purchase.

Thankfully I managed to get everything that I had listed. In total I picked up 12 records 10 were on the list and the other 2 I was debating. The fact Banquet had not received both The Runaways nor Hannah Peel gave me some more money to add to the budget. With that extra cash I picked up the USA release of CHVRCHES – Every Open Eye Remix EP and Birdy – Lost It All. Regarding the Birdy release I did have it listed but £11 was a bit to much for a 2 track 7″ Banquet had 2 copies in stock. Having arrived at 11.55 and being the 3rd there did have its plus points and this being the fact they only had 1 copy of Emmylou Harris – Wrecking Ball and Carina Round – Deranged To Divine. The way Banquet organised the vinyls were surname, first name which made it slightly easier. So the first records I picked up were the David Bowie – The Man Who Sold The World Picture Disc, the  James Bay – Chaos And The Calm Picture Disc and the Justin Bieber – Purpose Picture Disc which had been released for RSD in the USA. My next grabs were Fleetwood Mac – The Alternate Tusk  which was only released on CD within the deluxe 5CD box set of Tusk and behind that record within the cubby hole I picked up Florence and the Machine – Delilah which also includes the demo and a live version of Only Love Can Break Your Heart. The last releases being Alanis Morissette – The Demos 1994-1998 which featured as a bonus CD to Jagged Like A Pill, Linkin Park – Road To Revolution which is a live record of Milton Keynes show in 2008 then finally I grabbed the Mumford & Sons – There Will Be A Time 7″.

OVERALL: Record Store Day is like an endurance test. Basically you need to push the boat out if you want to score what you would like. In fact this day is like a yearly staple where you get to catch up with friends you have met at previous Record Store Days.

I chose Banquet Records because A) It is my local B) they limit the number of people going into the shop and C) the staff are ace. In fact it was rather well organised and I dread to think of the pandemonium there must have been at Rough Trade East.

In summary I managed to get everything on my wish list and I look forward to taking them for a spin on my record player. I do hope to pick up Touch by Shura and Rebox 2 by Hannah Peel which I hope I’ll pick up soon.

Bring on Record Store Day 2017.




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