Daily Dig: Sky Colette


Sky Colette is a miracle child as she was born to a mother who was told that it was impossible for her to conceive due to the fact she had no ovaries to produce a child. Various doctors gave her the same diagnosis that she wasn’t pregnant, but they were wrong and Sky came into this world as a healthy baby girl.

LA based Sky Colette is a talented singer/ songwriter who has been writing since the age of 11. At present there are a couple of songs in the public domain these being both Hey Big Spender and Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. Yes those titles may make you think they are covers of Shirley Bassey and Marilyn Monroe but you are wrong.

Now Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend is a complete re working. I found this tune to be a slick R&B jam with lyrics which were extremely upbeat. Colette’s vocals were very sultry and on the whole this was an engrossing song. This cut paints the picture of a couple and the girl who likes the lavish lifestyle. “Diamonds, money and money free/ Talk is cheap show me the green/ I could be the girl of your dreams/ But I guess we’ll never know/ If you don’t give up that dough”.

We then get to the present. Hey Big Spender is a sizzling R&B/ Pop cut which follows on from the spectacular Diamond’s Are A Girl’s Best Friend. This number is completely new with some elements of the Shirley Bassey song of the same name.

I found this to be rather refreshing and the lyrics give off a 1950’s feel. Regarding those lyrics, this song had been perfectly crafted as Hey Big Spender was extremely clear cut. The verses were yet again upbeat and infectious at the same time painting the picture of a man who likes to splash the cash when it comes to his woman.

“Mr Big Spender it’s nice to meet ya/ My name is Sky and I can see that/ You’re thinking about being my main squeeze/ I wouldn’t mind being your baby/ I must warn you that I’m a lady/ My love will drive you crazy”.

Sky came up with this song after being in a relationship with a guy who relied on her financially. This splendid song is Sky’s vision of what she wanted her ex to be. Honestly relationships should be 50/50.

To sum things up I’m rather impressed with what Sky has showcased so far. It shows that she has a talent when it comes to songwriting and I look forward to hearing more from her in the future.



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