Daily Dig: Mellie


Coming all the way from Newcastle, Australia is 39 year old singer/ songwriter Mellie. 2016 is the time where she embarks on an independent music career and based on what I’ve heard I’m greatly impressed. Not only that she’s a Vlogger and a self confessed ‘Free Spirit’ who has a love for dream catchers.

Mellie has been performing live and writing music since she was 14 years old. Mellie is a former song writer for Shock Records and The Saddle Club and she is also an Honorary Lifeline Ambassador.

Going back to Mellie’s early years, I cannot help but feel for her. From the age of 5 and throughout the schooling years Mellie endured both physical and verbal bullying. This then resulted in suffering from depression, developing a eating disorder plus Mellie even self harmed :'(. Music was her healer and over the years Mellie has had some amazing opportunities with music, she has been able to study voice with great vocal coaches including Leigh McRae, record and write music for The Saddle Club and Shock Records, worked with top musicians and producers such as Rex Goh and Matt Fell.


Just over 6 years ago Mellie was diagnosed with Severe Clinical Depression which made her feel she wasn’t strong enough or smart enough to cope with what life had been throwing at her. This then caused both the anxiety and panic attacks. Lifeline is a non-profit organisation that provides free, 24-hour Telephone Crisis Support service in Australia and they were actually Mellie’s lifeline. Throughout her depression she called this counselling service a couple of times and the people at the end of the line were always empathetic plus they listened as well.

2011 was the year that Mellie was on the road to recovery. She was given an opportunity to work in Aged Care for 9 months where she learnt so much about life, death and compassion. Fast forward to 2015 and it seems that the dark cloud has gone and judging from YouTube page, Mellie’s confidence is back

8th April 2016 saw the release of Reach Out For You was an uplifting pop tune which conveys the message about asking for help in a crisis. Everything about this wondrous tune was sublime. Reach Out For You was a magical cut which I found to be both beautiful and easy on the ear. The lyrics were very catchy which showcased her dab hand at writing a killer pop tune. Mellie’s vocals were superb leaving me utterly enchanted whenever I hear it.

Now 50% of profits from the Reach Out For You went to Lifeline to help people in crisis and at risk. You can download from HERE.

Whilst watching videos on Mellie’s YouTube page there are two other originals first up it is Ugly. This was a keyboard led ballad which is slightly emotional at the same time. “See me I could be your ugly girl/ And you could love me/ Just like a pretty girl” is the first line of this beautiful song and it’s always is a good sign of songwriting when that said song conveys a powerful message. The message Mellie is conveying is beauty is not just skin deep. Having low self confidence in your appearance can lead to both depression and anxiety but this song does give you hope that you will find the one who loves you for you.

Other than the covers of Demi Lovato’s Cool and Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game there is another original and this being a live performance of Human. “This is the end/ Where life begins/ We’ll disappear/ The lucky omes”. Now this was a gentle tune which left me mesmerised and the lyrics were pure perfection.

I most definitely look forward to hearing more from Mellie in the future because I’m really digging her pop sound and her songwriting is pretty impressive as well.

Official Site



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