Daily Dig: Mira Aasma


19 year old Mira Aasma hails from Gothenburg, Sweden and she is signed to Birds Records. Mira has a spectacular vocal range and the two songs that have already been released makes me anticipate the release of the debut EP Stereoscope.

Regarding that EP Aasma has not only written but also arranged and produced all of the songs on this release. The songs that have been lifted from this record are both Ghost which came out 11th December and most recently Whale Song which dropped on 8th April. Now these two tunes are a credit to her as they’ve been perfectly written and also they are refreshing cuts.

“There’s a ghost under my bed/ Hiding in the shadows of my bed”. Now one word for this Ghost would be mesmerising, this spectacular song had luscious lyrics which saw Mira describe how she wants to get rid of this ghost because she doesn’t want it to find a way into her dreams. Smothered with gorgeous synths, guitars and even what sounded like a Xylophone, Ghost also had a mellow melody and ethereal vocals which left me entranced.

The follow up to Ghost came in the form of Whale Song and what a song it actually was. Everything about this cut was sublime, The electronic beats combined with the soothing vocals resulted in a track that which be compared to music by notable artists including Daughter, MS MR and London Grammar.

Whale Song had been perfectly produces and well written. I found the soothing lyrics which see Aasma mention how she belongs to the sea to be rather compelling. Mira’s spine tingling vocals were literally out of this world.

With songs like these, the Stereoscope EP will be a right cracker.



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