Daily Dig: Joy Oladokun

Coming from Los Angeles 23 year old Joy Oladokun is a stunning singer/ songwriter who combines the sounds of roots rock, with folk songwriting and a voice that oozes with soul and honesty. Tunes on the Soundcloud page include the likes of Little Runaway, Falling Stones, MJ and the emotional Paris which was written in wake of the tragic bombings that shocked everyone.

Now what I liked about the material on her Soundcloud page was the fact each tune had a soulful feel to them. Also there was something incredibly unique about the rich vocals that results in something rather mellowing.

Having been writing and playing the guitar since the age of 10 has seen Joy become in my eyes a formidable singer/ songwriter. Last year saw her self produce the debut EP Cathedrals which features 5 luscious tracks such as Falling Stones, Cathedrals, MJ, Keeping You Around and Easter Sunday.

You can buy the Cathedral EP HERE

We then get to September 2015 Joy announces a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the release of the debut album. Now Kickstarter is a place where fans can pledge towards making the release by backing a certain tier. If you like myself come from the United Kingdom PledgeMusic is exactly the same. Anyways within 36 days this campaign reached its target. 330 fans backed this campaign raising $30,725 in the process.

The success of this campaign led to the debut album Carry which is set to drop on April 29th and if Shelter is anything to go by this will be one incredible release. Oladokun states: “Every song stemmed from a lesson I learned, or a lesson I’m still learning. I write to process and to heal, and I sing to help others do the same. I think this past year has taught me that my voice is one of the few gifts I have, and I can use it to spread a lot of love and lift people up. That’s the heart behind the album, and that’s my motivation as a person too”.

Regarding the lead single Shelter, first time I heard this, I was literally blown away. Joy has previously said that Shelter is a song that she wrote about learning how to receive love, and fighting to give it without reservation or condition.

Now this was a chilled out soulful piece with a gentle melody. The vocals were very distinctive.Now Shelter was bright and breezy, the vocals were rich resulting in me having a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside. Comparing this to material from the Cathedrals EP you notice that this has been completely polished off. Having raised $30,000 you would expect a well produced piece and this is exactly what this was.

Come to think about it, I would go a step further and call this an epic which left me captivated from beginning to end. On the whole this was a JOYful song that had been perfectly crafted with heartwarming story telling lyrics “I cant make you love me even if I tried/ I’m not going to force you/ You have to decide/ I’m asking you to trust me when I say that I/  Not here for the moment/ I’m in this for life”.



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