Daily Dig: Ofelia K


At this moment in time I’m addicted to Ofelia K. This LA songstress/ songwriter who is signed to South By Sea Music. At this moment in time Ofelia has the Plastic Flower EP under her belt and as of last Friday brand new single Cinco dropped and this is taken from the forthcoming sophomore.

Having heard the EP Plastic Flower one word to describe it would be blissful. Consisting of only 4 tunes I was left completely entranced. K’s vocals were rather sweet and from this short but sweet release my favourite had to be Gone. Now this cut was both beautiful and mellowing at the same time.

Now Ofelia didn’t start life as a solo artist she was the vocalist for indie pop duo Wanderhouse. Two Wanderhouse songs left K achieving 2 #1’s on Hype Machine’s popular chart (She did get another #1 alongside EDM producer Felix Cartel for the song New Scene,” which Billboard named “one of the best dance recordings of the year in 2013). Considering there has been no posts on Facebook or Twitter since July 2015 makes me think Wanderhouse are no more as Ofelia is focusing on her solo career.It is ashame really because the two songs they had were incredible. Sugar was a smouldering song leaving me mesmerised whilst Use Me Up was an epic sounding cut aided by captivating vocals.

Dr Rosen Rosen who is the other half of Wanderhouse collaborated with Ofelia K on the single As A Bell.

Even though the Plastic Flower EP was released November 2015 doesn’t stop Ofelia from releasing a brand new cut taken from the forthcoming untitled sophomore EP. Now this brand spanking new song being Cinco (for those that don’t know this is Spanish for the number Five).

This was an Indie Pop cut smothered in plenty of gorgeous synths. The dreamy vocals reminded me of Tove Lo. On the whole this was a sparkling song with infectious lyrics which oozed bundles of energy.

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