Jo Kroger: Telephone Call Single Review


Hailing from Cincinnati and now living in New York City is the one and only Jo Kroger. She is a phenomenal singer/ songwriter plus I’ve already featured her on this blog twice. It is plain to see that I’m in love with her music.

The Simplest EP finally dropped on 25th March 2016, whilst this isn’t a review of the EP (my thoughts will be coming soon) this is a review on the latest track to be released and this being Telephone Call. Oozing plenty of folk vibes, Telephone Call is extremely chilled out with splendid lyrics.

Here is what Jo had to say about the single “Telephone Call came together through a completely different writing experience, and is incredibly near and dear to my heart because of it. The song centres on a conversation with a mother, which has this distant sound of the past and cuts to present day in a way that feels full and cinematic while also small and story-like. The lyrics are a lot to swallow, centering on themes of alcoholism and the way many substance abusers’ habits leave literal scars on those around them. But I think the sweeping nature of the song and the story it tells makes it compelling over and over”.

My thoughts on this tune are pretty much positive. When compared to the song Simplest this is completely different because Telephone Call doesn’t pack that punch. Instead this tune is an adorable song aided by a mellowing melody and steady paced lyrics which were rather captivating.

Actually this song is a teensy bit dark. The lyrics for Telephone Call makes you picture a relationship Kroger is in, but the partner is mentally unstable as he has tried to commit suicide on more than one occasion and Jo is the one being affected “I got a problem with last night/ I got a problem with last night/ I got a problem with your suicide attempts and the way they break my skin/ It’s sinking in”.

The ending of Telephone Call saw Kroger start a fresh by moving to Los Angeles “Gotta move on, move on, before you try to prove one more point with your joints up in the air
and my hair against the wall/ Gotta take this call/. Tomorrow I’m gone to any other hell but this one”.


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