Daily Dig: Vanessa Forero


Growing up in Bradford, Yorkshire Vanessa Forero is a girl with many talents. Not only is Vanessa a talented British/ Colombian singer/ songwriter but she is also a bestselling author having co written The Girl With No Name along with Marina Chapman. Now this book is based on a true story about her mother who was abandoned in the Colombian jungle as a child and survived with monkeys before being rescued.

Aside from all that I am love with Vanessa Forero, the style of the music that she sings is refreshing Indie Folk which leaves me utterly mesmerised. Well Forero’s journey in the musical world started at the age of 9 where she started composing. Vanessa has mainly written film/TV scores and songs for other artists, but it was in 2015 when things changed and she decided to become her own artist and record her own songs in her distinctive Indie/Folk style with Latino influences. The catalyst for that decision was the fact that Vanessa was cherry picked along with other artists by the one and only Beth Orton which resulted in Forero collaborating and singing with her at one of Beth’s shows.


I’ve only heard a couple of tunes by Vanessa having watched the videos on her YouTube page. So at present she has a spectacular sweet cover of David Bowie’s Life On Mars which was a tribute to this great musician as it was posted 4 days after he sadly passed away.

Only two originals are linked to her YouTube page. First you have Heaven Knows which was offered as a free download. Now this cut oozed plenty of Folk vibes echoing the likes of Laura Marling and Ward Thomas. Anyhow Heaven Knows is a splendid cut with hypnotic lyrics which mellowed me out. This tune had been written to perfection aided by sublime verses and a chorus which was packed with a punch “This road is taken/ Give up your ache to know, ‘cos you’re on your own/ Your road is waiting/ Take up your load and go, ‘cos you own your soul/ And where you’ll go…only Heaven knows”.

All in all this was a beautiful song which I found to be rather soothing. The vocals were extremely sweet leaving me captivated from beginning to end.


We then come to the latest single by Vanessa and this being Same Boat. This was a whimsical cut which resulted in shivers being sent up my spine. It was a gentle Folk tune aided by bright and breezy lyrics. There was a raspiness within Forero’s vocals wich resulted in an outstanding number. I actually found the lyrical delivery to be rather hypnotic. Other the finger picking you also have the steel drums.

The video for Same Boat is rather interesting. For starters this playful and chirpy song on stage whilst playing the guitar whilst on a boat. The fact there was plenty of finger picking is quite impressive as Forero’s main instrument of choice is the keyboard.

The verses are really sleek whist the chorus has a slight pace “If you leave in time/ You’ll always stay here on my mind/ There’s no one easy way to find/ It’s just the same boat, different tide”. The nautical theme contines throughout as there are two mermaids who eventually pull Vanessa off the boat and drag her down to the bottom of the sea.

However it isn’t that dark because right at the end Vanessa Forero becomes a mermaid and this last portion happens what you could see as being at the bottom of the sea.

With her very own studio Vanessa Forero is set to release her debut EP From The Uproar on 28th March. Completely self produced this is a sparking 5 track mini album which is packed with plenty of promise.

I have been lucky enough to have a sneeky peak at this effort and I must say my mind is blown.

Official Site


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