Daily Dig: Gillian Nicola


Coming all the way from Hamilton, Ontario is a talented singer/ songwriter and this being Gillian Nicola. I’ve heard a handful of material from Gillian and I must say I’m completely captivated. The fact I’m a lover of the folk genre makes each tune hit the spot.

When she was in her youth Gillian Nicola started singing as member of the Hamilton Children’s Choir. Her passion to be in this industry was so strong Nicola then studied music at university. Gillian played and sang at various open-mics around the University of Toronto.


Nicola has made many high-profile appearances, including: the JUNO Concert Series, The Love Song Edition and Hamilton’s Supercrawl. Nicola was a Regional Finalist in the 2015 CBC Searchlight Competition and was selected for the Canadian Independent Recording Artist’s Association’s Mentorship Program, where she received one-on-one mentorship with Livy Jeanne (Black Box Records, Universal Music) over the summer of 2015.


Anyhow things started for Nicola way back in 2013 when she released her first ever EP and this being Chasing The Wind which also featured The Radio Interference. This 6 track mini album was pure bliss and plenty of folk vibes oozed from each cut.

Chasing The Wind was written by Gillian , each number was a right belter. This EP opens up with Just Another River Tune which is a rollercoaster ride and radiates plenty of Americana vibes. Between The Lines was very folk rock aided by a strong/ powerful vocals. I must say this was very catchy. Linger was ever so beautiful and hypnotising at the same time, then you had The Flame which left me completely captivated and the soothing lyrics had me hooked. Chasing The Wind was a rousing guitar based song which was played at a fast pace and as it progressed the stronger it got. Ending the EP was the atmospheric The Way which sends shivers up my spine whenever I hear it. The smoothness of the lyrics had me well and truly hooked.

Gillian is classically trained vocalist and the debut EP was nominated for two Hamilton Music Awards (Best New Artist/Group, Alt-Country Recording of the Year) and the Toronto Independent Music Awards (Best Folk). These nominations do not come as a surprise because Chasing The Wind is literally a masterpiece.


Now we come to the present. 15th April 2016 sees the release of sophomore EP No Place To Call and judging from the first single taken from this release it’s set to be an utter corker. Well this song being Oh Marie which has been superbly written as it offers a narrative. Marie has everything she needs in life, but still has a sense of emptiness. Marie abandons it all for a new life – something that so many have dreamed of, but few have the courage to pull off. This is just as much about questioning how she could go through with her actions as it is about envying them.

“Oh Marie, tell me what it means to be loved/ To give it it up/ Oh Marie, tell me what it means to have it all”. Anyhow this was a beautiful song with chirpy lyrics which left me hooked.

To sum things up, I really enjoy Nicola’s music. The fact that she writes her own music is something extremely special. Considering I’m a fan of the folk genre makes each song hit the spot. After having heard the Chasing The Wind EP and Oh Marie, I definitely cannot wait to hear the brand new EP No Place To Call next month.

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