Ariana & The Rose @ Old Blue Last 9th March 2016


P12107252014 was the first time I witnessed this band. Back then they were support on the Winter Foxes tour and I was greatly impressed by the delectable synth pop music that they sang. The moment I will never forget from that set would have to be when Ariana sang Cyndi Lauper cover Girls Just Want To Have Gun, came up to the barrier and put the microphone to my friends mouth.

The problem about support acts is the fact you don’t know when they will make a return trip to the UK so you have to make the most of when they do. So once I saw that they were to support Avec Sans at the Old Blue Last I knew I had to be there. They are also playing at this years The Great Escape which is a set I do not want to miss.


Anyhow Ariana DiLorenzo is the voice behind the band and the set which they performed consisted of 8 cuts 7 taken from the forthcoming Survival Of The Fittest EP and the other being a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Well the showcase started around 9.20pm and the opening number of the evening was one I was hearing for the very first time and this being Scars. This being a delightful rock infused number aided by Ariana’s sugary sweet vocals which left me completely hypnotised. Delivered at a fast pace Scars had catchy lyrics which had me moving on the spot “Hit me hard/ I’ll hit you harder/ It’s never enough/ It’s never too much/ Cutting me deep/ I’ll cut you deeper/ It’s never enough/ It’s never too much”. This had been superbly written as the lyrics deliver a narrative of a toxic relationship and each break up leaves a scar. “We’re Ariana & The Rose. Do you want to move up a little bit” DiLorenzo said urging people to come forward.It was then time for Give Up The Ghost which was released as a single last year. Now this was an atmospheric number and was a tad haunting at the same time. I found this single to be steady in pace aided by gorgeous vocals. Regarding the lyrics they actually left me captivated “Warning sign/ And unstable state of mind/ Give up the ghost/ Release the peace that holds us all” and this tune was delivered to perfection. “So thanks for having us” DiLorenzo mentioned before introducing the next tune as being Euphoria. Now this was a slow paced jam which infectious lyrics which had me moving on the spot. It had been superbly written and Ariana’s vocals were sublime. My favourite part being the fast paced chorus which was packed with a punch. “And it feels like Euphoria/ And it feels like we’re falling down”. So much energy radiated from this performance. Next up it was then onto a cover and this being their unique take on Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Now Ariana & The Rose are pure pop despite the fact Scars was tinged with plenty of rock vibes. Anyhow this cover was simply flawless, GJWTHF was a chilled out song which oozed plenty of feel good vibes. Whenever I hear this it always makes me smile.


Following on was the next single and this being Survival Of The Fittest which is taken from the forthcoming EP of the same name. This was one hell of a track aided by a sleek chorus “One by one/ We came undone/ Hearts exposed/ Left out in the open” and upbeat verses. SOTF was synth pop through and through and Ariana’s vocals were extremely sweet leaving me entranced at the same time. It actually reminded me of the Scottish and Chvrches. After it was then onto Dirty Dancing. This was a spellbinding song which had me nodding my head. Everything about this was splendid, the verses were sheer perfection and the chorus was captivating “Got only myself to blame/ Dirty Dancing don’t feel the same”. This tune has to be released as a single because it was utterly incredible. Next up it was then onto High Tide. This was a slow but steady song which picked up momentum. Once they reached the chorus that’s when this number picked up pace and became rather powerful. The band then ended the phenomenal set with a newie and this being Wait. Having introduced her band Ariana then launched herself into this hypnotic cut. All I have to say about this number is the fact it was a rollercoaster ride with outstanding lyrics which left me hooked from the word go “Wake Up, Wake Up/ I’m ready to go/ Can’t keep this somewhere any longer/ I tried, I tried/ I’m going to let go, I’m going to let go”. As much as I adore this tune that part has to be my highlight. On the whole this was delivered perfectly with plenty of gusto. I really hope it does make the cut for the forthcoming EP.


Give Up The Ghost
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Survival Of The Fittest
Dirty Dancing
High Tide

OVERALL: I thoroughly enjoyed this 8 song showcase which featured material from the forthcoming EP Survival Of The Fittest. I just really hope both Scars and especially Wait do feature on that release, but I honestly do not know of any EPs that have consisted of 7 songs.

Onto the tunes that were performed, Girls Just Want To Have Fun was excellent and Ariana definitely did do Cyndi justice. It oozed plenty of fun vibes and in my opinion is the best take on it I’ve heard. As for the new songs, I may have had heard the majority but cuts such as Dirty Dancing and Euphoria scream single. Come to think of it so does Wait.

Each number was sweetly delivered and I fell for them hook, line and sinker. Whilst I adore each of them the set closer Wait does slightly edge it when it comes to my favourite. On the whole this was a stunning set and I look forward to what this new year will bring them.


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