Daily Dig: Kacy Hill


Kacy Hill grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and began modelling as a teenager before graduating from high school in May 2012 and moving to Los Angeles on her own.

She first came to my attention at the end of 2014, the song that enticed me was Experience which was a pop tinged cut with vocals which echoed Florence Welch. Kacy Hill was in fact a back up dancer for Kanye West during his 2013-2014 The Yeezus Tour.

Experience which is a non album single was released at the beginning of that tour and the video was shot in ten minutes between her getting off a plane and going to a tour rehearsal. Having been provided a copy of this tune during the tour Kanye West immediately signed her to his own label G.O.O.D Music.

Last October saw the release of the Bloo EP which serves as Kacy Hill’s debut. I must say this 5 track mini album was literally phenomenal. As expected Experience didn’t feature but instead there were three new cuts and two remixes. The new songs which featured were Arm’s Length, Shades Of Blue and Foreign Fields which was the song which was lifted from this EP.

I really liked the etherealness of Kacy’s vocals. They are literally breathtaking and reminding me of Florence Welch. A piano accompanied Hill for Arm’s Length, this song started off steady then picked up pace. Arm’s Length was pop through and through and it reminded myself of Birdy. Foreign Fields was a slick song which reminded me of Oh Wonder. Then you had the majestical Shades Of Blue which I found to be rather dream like aided by mellowing lyrics which had me hooked.

Currently Kacy Hill is opening up for Jack Garratt in the USA, then as of April she will be coming over to the United Kingdom to open up for Jack on his sold out tour.

Given the fact it’s a sell out surely a one off Kacy Hill show has to be forthcoming

Official Site

You can purchase Bloo from HERE



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