Daily Dig: Transviolet


A little over 2 weeks ago I witnessed the UK debut of Transviolet. Formed in New York, this LA based quartet consists of vocalist Sarah McTaggart, Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek and Jon Garcia. Up until the recently released video for New Bohemia this four piece had kept their identities hidden on all social media platforms.

This 4 piece are signed to Epic Records and at this very moment the only release to their name is the Transviolet EP which was released last year. This EP featured the likes of Bloodstream, Girls Your Age, Night Vision and the current single New Bohemia. Now both Girls Your Age and New Bohemia sound very Lorde Esque.

I came across them through a recommendation from a friend. I then liked the Transviolet Facebook page, researched the 4 tracks which they had out then I booked to see them play Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. Being a debut that show was completely free, based on what I’d heard I would have been quite happy to pay for entry.

That evening they had just found out that they would be supporting Twenty One Pilots on their sold out UK tour. Things like this always work wonders as you have the chance of picking up brand new fans. This May also sees Transviolet embark on their first ever UK tour.

Anyhow Transviolet are on the cusp of something great and I definitely look forward to hearing more of their dream pop tunes again.

Official Site


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