Festival Finds: Findlay


Back in 2013 I attended all three dates of the Reading Festival. Headlining you had Green Day, Eminem and Biffy Clyro. Given the fact I’m not a Biffy fan my sister and I left the festival to make our journey home after Fall Out Boy had performed their set on the main stage. Anyways the good thing about this or any festival is the fact you have a multitude of different artists scattered about the place performing 30 minute+ sets. As well as having favourites you may want to catch sing you also have new artists who you haven’t witnessed before.

Casting my mind back to 23rd August 2013 I remember I originally had plans to witness Dry The River perform but I changed my mind on the very day and decided to see Findlay who was an artist I hadn’t research. To cut the story short this was a punt and it was one that paid off because I really loved the material performed. I remember way back then I fell in love with songs such as You Gave Me Grace, Greasy Love and Off & On

Now the lead vocalist of Findlay is Mancunian Natalie Findlay. I would say the music that she performs is Grunge Pop. Just witnessing her live is quite something as plenty of energy flows from each tune. The 7 strong song set impressed me so much I have witnessed Findlay perform at both 100 Club and Old Blue Last. I would like to see her again as the material she has leaves me breathless but there has been no London dates announced.

Regarding releases Natalie Findlay has released 2 singles these being both AA sides, first it was Your Sister/ You Gave Me Grace then you had Wolf Back/ Electric Bones. Also Findlay has released 3 EPs and these being Off & On, Greasy Love and as of last year Electric Bones which is not available on iTunes in the UK.



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