Daily Dig: Michaela May


Born in Aberdeen, Scotland is the one and only Michaela May. Based in Toronto, Canada May is a talented singer/ songwriter who has a host of phenomenal tunes that scream bubble gum pop.

Having collaborated with the likes of Jimmy Napes (2015 Grammy award winner for Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”), Simon Ellis (Britney Spears), Heather Holley (Christina Aguilera) and Jens Gad (Enigma).

Michaela May’s Soundcloud page features 4 sparkling songs. The first being debut single When I Say which was a heartbreaking ballad which had lyrics which oozed plenty of power. When You Say was a pop gem smothered with plenty of gorgeous hooks which left me well and truly captivated me.

Hook, Line & Sinker features Phor on this whimsical cut. Compared to the the singles the style is very different. It’s not down to the fact that another artist featured but it is down to the fact this was a smooth slick jam with infectious lyrics which can easily have you moving on the spot. This was a beautiful ballad which left me hypnotised. Then you had Drink It Up which was a spotless tune with catchy lyrics. It actually reminded me of Party In The U.S.A by Miley Cyrus.

Anyhow Michaela came to my attention when she released 1954 back in January. Now 1954 has everything you could ever want from a pop song. The lyrics are ever so infectious and all in all this was a punchy single that represents empowerment and strength in a world where people can and will criticize your every move.

Recently May has released the official video for 1954. Directed by Seth Mendelson (Tobias Jesso Jr “Without You”) this explores the overwhelming societal pressures faced by women, in an unrelenting, single-take video that is most concerned with making a statement.

Michaela’s thoughts on why she didn’t want to make a traditional “pop” video: “I didn’t want the true meaning of “1954″ to be completely lost in a catchy melody and lyrical metaphors, so I knew I had to make a statement. For the video, I focused particularly on women and the treatment of women. Society often talks about how far women have come, but there are still some fundamental issues that beg the question, is this still “1954?” I wanted to create something visually that highlighted this. I didn’t want to make a ‘pretty’ pop music video, I wanted to make a video that made a statement about how I feel I still believe we have a long way to go with societal norms and pressures and hopefully my video will prompt some discussion and thought about how we can move forward….”

From what I have heard on Soundcloud I know for sure Michaela May has a bright future. The new EP will be out later this March.



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