Transviolet @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen 10th February 2016


LA band Transviolet marked their UK debut by performing a free show at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. That very day the band received the news that they were to support Twenty One Pilots on the UK leg of the tour. Now being the opening act on any sold out tour is always a big thing as you have the opportunity to gain more fans.

Formed in New York, this LA based quartet consists of vocalist Sarah McTaggart then there were Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek and Jon Garcia. Up until the recently released video for New Bohemia this four piece had kept their identities hidden on all social media platforms.

Signed to Epic Records they only have one EP out there called Transviolet which consisted of 4 tracks, all of which featured on the extraordinary set list. Well showcased on the night was 11 tunes and I have to say they were literally incredible. Having only witnessed the song New Bohemia I was surprised that I took to the tunes that were showcased after only having heard the once. Now the style of the music is dream pop which works wonders with me because this genre easily captivates me.


Each tune performed was literally epic pop songs and the single New Bohemia had punchy lyrics and was very Lorde esque. It reminded me of Royals, still New Bohemia was perfectly delivered and the lyrics especially the chorus were incredibly infectious. In fact it was the chorus which was the part which hit me like a ton of bricks. It was Bloodstream which opened up the set and this was a phenomenal song aided by luscious lyrics which were easy on my ear. This tune was extremely synthy and McTaggart’s vocals were simply gorgeous. Actually Bloodstream was a slow jam which had myself moving on the spot. Regarding Night Vision was a splendid cut aided by ace lyrics which left myself hyponotised. Overall this had been superbly written and Sarah sang how she doesn’t need Night Vision because “I’ll find you in the dark”. Night Vision was incredibly beautiful, Sarah’s vocals were extremely sweet and this dreamy/ swooning cut had me mesmerised from the word go. Girls Your Age ended the spectacular set and it was a right audience pleaser. The first part of this song Sarah’s exquisite vocals were on show aided by plenty of synths which created a robotic sound. Then the guitars and drums then joined in. Girls Your Age was a chilled out tune which had been superbly written as it was a song which just left me hooked. Everything about it was on point, I would describe Sarah’s vocals on this being Lana Del Rey meets Halsey which is a good combination. All in all this was a outstanding number with lyrics which saw McTaggart say how “Girls Your Age/ Never Mean What They Say”. Even both Katy Perry and Harry Styles are fans after tweeting how they love the lyrics


The new songs are incredible, they actually make me anticipate any future EP or album. Close had an infectious melody aided by sparky lyrics which left me spellbound. LA Love was an dreamy epic pop song with lyrics which easily had me moving. I eagerly anticipate the day the studio version is released because this was a captivating tune which grabbed my attention from the word go plus at the same time plenty of energy flowed from Sarah’s vocal delivery. Songs such as Astronaut, ESCN and Eyes were incredible and they make me anticipate hearing the actual studio recordings on any future release. Shadow was really promising, it was a beautiful ballad with lyrics that revolved around a break up. “I know I’ve hurt you/ I don’t deserve you/ But we get to go down without a fight”. The final newie of the evening came in the form of Ritual. This being a danceable killer pop cut with shimmering lyrics which were very smooth. Ritual was smothered in gorgeous synths and I found this to be ever so entrancing.


LA Love
Night Vision
New Bohemia
Girls Your Age

OVERALL: The debut EP Transviolet was released last September, this was merely a taster of what to expect from this 4 piece. Having witnessed them for myself the have a selection of phenomenal pop tracks which makes the band future extremely bright.

I enjoyed each song showcased, my favourites being LA Love, Shadow and New Bohemia. These new songs along with Close, Astronaut, ESCN and Eyes tell me that Transviolet are a promising quartet and they easily have the ability to go far. With it being the first song that I heard I’ll always have a soft spot for the amazing New Bohemia. Just the thought of having the debut Transviolet album in my hands makes my mouth water.

Finally the support slot on the sold out Twenty One Pilots tour would work wonders and I’m positive they will gain plenty more new fans. Having been bowled over by the tunes showcased I definitely look forward to the day when Transviolet in the future.



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