Festival Finds: Kyla La Grange



I had been so impressed with attending only the one day of The Great Escape in 2010 which then resulted in myself going the whole hog and booking for all 3 days for the 2011 installment.

Friday 13th may appear as an unlucky omen but for it wasn’t for me given the fact I’d caught everyone I had wanted to see live that day. Back on Friday 13th May Kyla La Grange was one of those artists that was a must. While she didn’t feature in my evening itinerary (back then I wanted to stay in the same venue to see the headline act of my choosing) having seen she was to perform earlier on made it a must.


This was the first time witnessing La Grange and what a show it was. With the fact this was just under 5 years ago, I remember the fact Kyla was performing at Beyond Retro which is a well known chain that deals with vintage clothes. The performance took place on the balcony inside. At this time my musical taste had widened to folk and La Grange did have some phenomenal songs under her belt. One of those which stood out was the fast paced Walk which then went on to feature as a bonus track on the debut album Ashes.

Kyla impressed me so much I then booked to see her perform at The Lexington on 12th July which was my birthday plus it was the launch of Been Better. Since then I have seen her perform on numerous occasions plus I’ve seen her grow as an artist.


Coming from Watford Kyla La Grange is an exceptional singer/ songwriter. Back in 2012 she released debut album Ashes which literally had the perfect track listing. You had the likes of the haunting To Be Torn, Lambs which had an Irish feel, the punchy Been Better and then you have my all time favourite and this being Vampire Smile. Plenty of folk vibes oozed from each cut and the whole record was written by La Grange. It was ashame that Walk didn’t make the cut but I was a fan of Kyla’s work so I purchased both the vinyl and deluxe.

Here is a little fact given the fact I’ve seen Kyla La Grange on numerous occasions I have heard every song live all bar one. This being The River which appeared as the closing track on the deluxe edition of Ashes.


Two years later La Grange returned with sophomore album Cut Your Teeth. Earlier on in 2014 Kyla performed at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen where she showcased. I was already familiar with Fly which was given out for free if you preordered from iTunes but the rest of the new material showcased was phenomenal. The style of La Grange’s music had dramatically change to synthpop. In fact it actually worked and Cut You Teeth which again was written by Kyla La Grange was a work of art. Songs such as Cut You Teeth, Maia, Cannibals, I’ll Call For You were gorgeous then you had The Knife which had a calypso sound. Also I must mention I Don’t Hate You which had an anthem feel plus it was a song I think could have easily made the cut for Ashes.


We then come to 2015, La Grange performed at Oval Space that November where she performed new material along with the old favourites. By this time she already had released 2 new cuts digitally these being So Sweet and Skin. That November day Kyla showcased two new cuts and these being Hummingbird and Violet Blue both leave my mouth watering. So Sweet was extremely pop with a sugary fast paced chorus which gets you jumping up and down whilst Skin is folk pop and there is a tinge of Lana Del Rey within the vocal delivery.

Anyways this is the reason I enjoy festivals such as The Great Escape because you have a chance to witness artists you haven’t seen before. Kyla La Grange has grown alot in these past 5 years and I really liked the transition from folk troubadour to pop princess. Her song writing skills are literally incredible and the albums that Kyla’s released are a credit to her.

I really hope 2016 sees more music released by Kyla La Grange and maybe a 3rd album.





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