Daily Dig: Jo Kroger


An artist I’m addicted to right at this moment is New York based Jo Kroger.

Who is Jo Kroger? I hear you say.

Well Kroger is a folk-rock singer-songwriter who sings enchanting music. Jo’s debut EP, Troubled Night, was released in 2013. Now I have heard that release and there are some extraordinary tracks which oozed acoustic folk vibes. Also the first track Troubled Night is literally WOW, this tune had acapella gospel vibes which made my spine tingle. Only 6 songs featured on this EP and each were soothing cuts which left me under a spell. Other than Troubled Night my other favourites are Gum And Cigarettes, Emma and June. Each song had a warmth emitting from them.

Shortly after the release of Troubled Night its release, Kroger was working on new music and had gone on to tour Western Europe when she learned that her father was in the advanced stages of cancer. She put everything on hold as his health deteriorated. After his passing, Kroger believed she would never play again. 2016 sees the release of The Simplest EP which is about getting up and brushing off when life knocks you off your feet.

The first single to be taken from this EP is Simplest. This song is more folk rock aided lovely lyrics which left me hooked. Its guitar rifts at the beginning always make me think of Summer Of 69 by Bryan Adams. Whenever I listen to this, it always makes me smile. In my minds eye I picture it being Summer in America. Still this was perfectly written with punchy/ delectable verses “Take me back to California/ Where the girls are pretty/ And the boys are pretty/ And the sun is pretty/ But you don’t need a soul so I’m in/ Take me back to New York city/ Where the streets are pretty/ Coz the streets are sh*tty/ And the sun in the sky sets the building on fire/ And I can’t win”.

Drawing inspiration from St. Vincent and Cate Le Bon, Kroger has played shows in cities across the United States, including Chicago, Cincinnati and St. Louis. She has played venues, such as Rockwood Music Hall, The Knitting Factory and Mercury Lounge, as well as the Big City Folk Festival. Indie-Music stated, “Jo Kroger possesses a subtler brand of charisma not unlike a singer-songwriter such as Beth Orton or even Joni Mitchell.”

On the whole Kroger is an amazing singer and a exceptional songwriter at the same time. Being a lover of this genre each of the tunes that she has under her belt left myself hypnotised. I for one cannot wait to hear more in the future.

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