Daily Dig: Peppina


Peppina Pällijeff is a 19 year old singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from Helsinki, Finland. Her breakthrough came through HitRecord which is the innovative open collaboration website and production company founded by acclaimed actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. In 2014 two of her songs were featured on the Emmy award winning HitRecord on TV and these tunes being We Can Go Back Again and Beastly Beauty. This then resulted in being invited to the USA to perform these tunes with Joseph.

After she graduated from high school Peppina packed her bags and spent the whole summer in New York where she worked with a team to create debut EP Follow Your Gravity. This was independently released as well as being self funded by the fans via Indiegogo (now Indiegogo is the UK’s equivalent to PledgeMusic). It came as no surprise that the goal of $10,000 was reached two weeks before the cut off date.



Having heard We Can Go Back, What You Are Will Show and Beastly Beauty (which saw Pällijeff sing parts in her native tongue) I had to get hold of this record. So I then managed to stream through Spotify and oh my god I was left speechless. I have to say Peppina’s music is very pop and each tune was ever so enchanting aided by gorgeous lyrics that just left me in a trance. The vocals were rather refreshing and extremely light resulting in myself being captivated.

We then come to the present day. Peppina has just dropped a new video for Keep This Love Alive which features on the soundtrack to the upcoming film Married Young. It will also feature on Pällijeff’s debut self titled record. Regarding this song, the vocals are ever so luscious which left me hooked. The video for this was extremely beautiful and I wont lie a tear came to my eye.

From what I have heard on YouTube and Soundcloud Peppina Pällijeff is one talented individual who not only sings or writes her own material but she can play an array of different instruments. English may not be her first language but she can speak it really well.

I for one hope Peppina pays a visit to the United Kingdom.

Official Site



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