FOXTALES are a Manchester based band made up of four girls and one boy, they present swirling harmonies, heavy drums, electric guitars, pysch-folk and deep dark lyrics about sex, love and devilishness. The members being Amy (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin), Cassie (Vocals, Guitar), Angela (Vocals, Mandolin, Bass), Mitzi (Vocals, Bass, Violin) and Scoon (Drums).

At present the band only have three original recordings on their Soundcloud and these being Emperor, Work No More and the recently released Sister Rain. This splendid band are currently recording their debut EP at Blueprint studios with a release due in the spring.

The bands music has been compared to a walk into a dark frightening forest, making you feel uneasy, yet wanting to venture on and find out more. Based on the latest song Sister Rain which appears in demo form on the bands Soundcloud makes me want to hear more from them in the future. As an admirer of the folk genre FOXTALES suit me down to the ground. It was actually Sister Rain which caught my attention because this was psychedelic folk and the vocals are extremely tight. As for Work No More this tune was phenomenal and very light/ cheery at the same time.

Amy, Angela and Cassie were Literature Thieves then the band changed name and recruited both Scoon and Mitzi. All in all what stood out was the lucious tight harmonies and the beautiful melodies. Being a lover of The Staves I appreciated the music that I was hearing.

Even though I haven’t seen FOXTALES live before I can see plenty of promise. This band have something incredible and I cannot wait to hear more from them in the future.



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