The Retrospective: Adrienne Tooley: Nowhere Girl EP Review

Back in 2014 the California born New York based singer/ songwriter Adrienne Tooley released her debut EP independently. This being Nowhere Girl. Now this EP is one I’ve had on constant repeat. My ears may of recently heard this but this 4 track release is literally phenomenal.

Why I connected to Adrienne Tooley is the fact that I adored folk music. Listening to this taster has traces of an early Laura Marling. Unlike the recent released Habits (which had a more polished sound) which features on the forthcoming sophomore EP, Nowhere Girl was stripped back folk meets country which to me works wonders.

Anyhow this 4 track EP is merely a showcase of what to expect from Tooley plus it puts her exquisite songwriting skills on show. Opening number My Quiet Sin which involved what I could imagine as being a banjo and a soft drum beat. This is an exceptional song and the vocals were on point. I picked up on some Americana folk vibes which left me well and truly hooked on this song. Title track Nowhere Girl was literally outstanding and I really liked the storytelling lyrics. “I’m a Nowhere Girl I’m not with you/ I’m the shadow on the sheets/ I leave at dawn/ And I won’t stop running till I find where I belong”. I adored this cut because it was rather blissful lyrics which had me captivated. Black & Blue was a stunning tune and the Laura Marling vibes were strong. It feels as Marling was one of Tooley’s insprirations. This comparison is not a bad one as Laura Marling is a troubadour and a phenomenal songwriter. “When love is passing glances/ Not some words flashing up on a screen/ Paint my world/ Darling blue yellow black purple green/ You are my kaleidoscope dream”. Now that dreamy middle 8 reminded me of the wonderful Rebecca Taylor who is a member of the Indie Folk Pop band Slow Club. This EP then comes to an end with Crooked Line. Now this was sheer perfection, whist the whole EP sticks to the Americana/ Folk genre this cut was extremely pacey.

I most definitely look forward to the next chapter when Tooley releases 2nd EP This Was True Once this coming April.


My Quiet Sin
Nowhere Girl
Black & Blue
Crooked Line

Official Site


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