Daily Dig: Adrienne Tooley


Hailing from New York City is Adrienne Tooley. It may not be a name us Brits will be familiar with the name but judging from what I’ve heard this in an artist everyone needs to hear.

Adrienne is a talented singer/ songwriter and already has 2 EP’s in the can. Independently released Nowhere Girl came out in 2014 and this was a stripped back blend of Folk meets Country.

April 2016 sees the release of the 2nd EP and this being This Was True Once. This is a record about loss, self awareness and growth, and was mastered by Doug Schladt (Michael Persall, Man & Ghost) and produced by musician Katie Buchanan. The lead single from this being Habits and this tune was perfectly polished whilst being a combination of Folk meets Pop. The Laura Marling vibes are strong and Habits had been perfectly written as I myself was left utterly hooked.

Now Tooley received her first guitar at the age of 14 from her father, but it wasn’t until she was home during winter break in college that she began learning to play. She eventually moved to New York in 2013 and played her first show three months later at The Way Station in Brooklyn. Tooley draws stylistic inspiration from artists, such as Ingrid Michaelson and Daughter, while her lyrics lean toward the literary, a product of growing up buried in books.

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