Introducing: Katie Sky


It is fair to say I’m in love with Katie Sky’s music. Lab Records is an Independent record label based in Manchester. Aside from having Bristol based Katie signed to this Independent, Lab Records have an impressive roster consisting of artists such as Eve Belle, Natasha North, Anavae, Bethan Leadley, Cartel and many more (between 2011-2012 Hellogoodbye were signed to this label).

I first saw her play at The Borderline supporting Kate McGill way back in 2011, that was the moment her wondrous music won me over. Over the past 4 years I’ve seen her perform a multitude of times and I feel privileged to actually know her. If you ever meet Katie Sky she is such a wonderful girl.

You may be thinking why am I Introducing an artist who has been in the music business for that long. My reply being the fact she’s an Independent artist who hasn’t reached the point where the debut CD is out there. I love Sky’s music so much I just want to shout from the rooftops how much I and the rest of her Skydivers adore her music.

Just like Kate McGill, Gabrielle Aplin, Lauren Aquilina and even Jessie J, Katie Sky uploaded videos of her singing original songs and cover versions to the popular video sharing site Youtube. The thing I like the most about her is that she writes her own material. In my book artists that write their own material get major plus points and it shows that they are really talented.

Presently Katie has released the Paradise EP and the single lifted from that being Sweet Sweet Melody. Then she has released Only You and more recently Melody Changes. I must not forget about Monsters which was a Timeflies song Sky featured on and this did wonders to her fanbase as this song took her stateside.

The Paradise EP is so amazing on so many levels. It may have been out since December 2011 but this 5 track just makes me smile whenever I hear it. Sweet Sweet Melody does honestly have a sweet melody that left me hooked. For some reason whenever I hear this number I think of Christmas. Paradise has a delectable middle 8, a rap which I always think it’s Chipmunk singing and on the whole this tune was utterly contagious. Right Words had upbeat verses. The bright and breezy Run was uber catchy plus I found it to be slightly pacey. Now the closer Tell You Everything was a game changer because this was a tender but sweet emotional ballad.

I hope a new EP is forthcoming as I had waited for almost 2 years being teased with the likes of Only You and Melody Changes. Only You had extremely uplifting lyrics and Melody Changes was a song which was infectious plus it had a melody you would be humming along too. In fact this is Katie’s newest cut and it had been written to perfection. Actually it was a feisty song which saw Sky sing about how she is breaking free from the boyfriend.

Finally there is Monsters which was a Timeflies song Katie featured on. Despite singing just the chorus, Sky even featured in the Official Music Video. Like I mentioned it is good coverage and the video has amassed approaching 4 million views on Youtube. Katie Sky even released her own whimsical version of this and it was extremely beautiful. I would like to see Katie showcasing her rap skills at some point in the future.

All in all Katie Sky is someone that excites me. Everything she releases leaves me well and truly hooked. The new song Melody Changes is literally out of this would and makes me look forward to the next EP that she releases. I really hope that both Melody Changes and Only You feature because they are two incredible songs. I really hope that Katie Sky does gig next year and wherever in London she will be I most definitely will be there,



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