Introducing: I Am Harlequin

Currently signed to digital music label Stop Being Cute Freier has released 3 singles I Was In Love, Kill The Night and current single Dance With Anyone. The record label Anne is signed to was actually founded by music fanatics in 2014.

At the start of August I witnessed an act that appealed to me and this was I Am Harlequin. Opening for the launch of The Mynabirds new album Lovers Know I was really impressed with the material which was showcased.

I Am Harlequin is the solo project of German born Anne Frier. Currently based in London this singer/ songstress is really talented. Now for those who haven’t come across Anne before the style of the music she sings is Disco infused groovy pop which will leave you in a trance.

The perfect example of this has to be the current single Dance With Anyone. I have to say this is a contagious cut with wonderful verses and a delightful uplifting chorus which sees Frier say “I can dance with anyone/ You’re the one I really want”. This song has me hooked and out of the few songs I’ve heard this hands down has to be my favourite. This cut may be my favourite but the other original material Frier is literally ace.

I Was In Love was a sleek entrancing number and Kill The Night was again a disco tinged pop number which is incredible. But it doesn’t stop there Anne also has the funky Chic and then you have a brand new song which I heard live at the Old Blue Last, this being Hooked which had lush catchy lyrics plus it was extremely synthy.

With material like that it makes me excited for the future of I Am Harlequin. What is already in the public domain is merely a taster and I know any future originals will be amazing. I look forward to the support slot at London Fields Brewery next month.

Now if I could Dance With Anyone it would have to be with Anne.


14/10/15 – London Fields Brewery (Supporting Monarchy) (TICKETS)




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