Nike Jemiyo: Hearts Grow EP Review


Nike Jemiyo made a name for herself by covering songs and uploading to YouTube. January 2011 saw the released of debut EP Round In Circles and later that year would see Nike audition for The X Factor (It was the year that Little Mix won). Unfortunately she didn’t make Judges Houses. Four years later Jemiyo has sophomore EP Hearts Grow which consists of 5 wonderful tracks. If you like Soul with your Pop with a dash of R&B then you will love this EP. Also it was mixed and mastered by Guz Lally.

After witnessing Jemiyo perform at The Bedford I came into possession of this masterpiece. Now this mini album consists of 5 blissful cuts all written and produced by Nike herself. This impressed me greatly and there is not a single bad track. Being a fan of the soulful genre I adored each of the songs that featured.

Things open up with Empty Sofa which was written with Mide Oguns as well. The first 50 seconds gave this cut that epic feel then Jemiyo comes in with this pristine number. Empty Sofa oozed plenty of pop/ soul goodness and I especially liked the use of the chimes. I especially liked the lyrics because it had a narrative of a girl who lets a guy back into her heart as she wishes he was the one “Diamonds, White Dress, Nights Of Our Honeymoon/ Big House With Two Kids, Me Growing Old With You”. Nike goes full throttle on this and this warmed me up for the following 4 tracks.

The Sam Speakman produced track Dive has been championed by the likes of MOBO Awards and ILUVLIVE was yet again another soulful cut. In fact I found it to be utterly mesmerising. Nike wrote this when she came out of a relationship. Dive was about taking risks, it had glistening lyrics and a smooth melody. There was actually a tinge of emotion as it dealt about heartbreak “Dive into the ocean of me/ I know there’s danger but this time I’m prayin’ for/ Dive into the ocean of me/ ‘Cause if you stand still you’ll never ever ever see what we could be”.

As for Know The Score this cut has plenty of potential. Even though I adore the whole EP this is my favourite bar none because it’s a game changer as it’s so upbeat. Plenty of R&B and soulful vibes radiated from this infectious uplifting cut. I see this as a full on romp and just like the live performance at The Bedford this featured plenty of harmonising. Everything about this screamed out single. Know The Score is a high tempo tune with infectious verses and a killer chorus.

Heart Craves was a luscious soulful ballad which left me hypnotised. Again it dealt with affairs of the heart but it was alot happier when compared to the likes of Empty Sofa and Dive. Everything about this wondrous cut was superb “Your loves the only/ The one and only/ The only love my Heart Craves”. Heart Craves was a light sleek cut which had been perfectly crafted.

Things were rounded off with Hearts Grow which was written with Sasha Fanthome who also co wrote Heart Craves as well. Now this song which was about new beginnings was a beautiful ballad which appears to be rather keyboard heavy. Everything about this was wonderful, the melody was soft and spellbinding whilst the vocals sent shivers up my spine. Hearts Grow ended what had been 21 minutes of sheer bliss.


Empty Sofa
Know The Score
Heart Craves
Hearts Grow


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